Sojourn is closed. Find a church to be part of.

Sojourn is closed

We had our last public meeting on Sunday 9 October 2022.

Find a church to be part of

There are lots of things to think about when you're looking for a church to be part of. Relationships. Friends. Travel distance. Time. Culture.

Here are three key things to keep in mind as you ask God to help you make a wise decision about which church to be part of.

Church is God's forgiven people gathered around Christ to be ruled by his word, so look for a church which practically centres on the Bible and its core message of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ who died, is raised and will return.

The Bible's reason for meeting while we wait is one another's perseverance and progress, so look for a church where you can prayerfully speak God's word to encourage others to keep in step with the Spirit and not lose heart.

The reason we aren't already gathered physically around the heavenly throne is God's patience, so look for a church with whom you can actively partner in bringing the gospel to men, women and children who are lost without Christ.

As you visit various churches, you could ask:

Am I hearing about salvation in Christ Jesus from the Bible?

How will I get to help these believers persevere and make progress?

How can I partner with them in sharing the gospel with the lost?

Churches in Brisbane

In God's kindness, you could find a church family like that in various churches belonging to different denominations around Brisbane.

Among them are four churches which are members of the FIEC network that Sojourn was part of:

Christ Community Church - Toowong

Risen Church - Salisbury

St Lucia Bible Church - St Lucia

St Lucia Evangelical Church - St Lucia

God willing, another church will begin meeting late 2023

Centenary Evangelical Church

God Speaks The Bible


We're finalising our affairs under a registered incorporated association, Sojourn Bible Church Incorporated. Our constitution is available for download.

Our administration committee manages our affairs, reports informally to church during the year and formally to the members of the association each year at the AGM.

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